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Tel: +357 99 663006                                                Home Address
Fax: +357 22 767601
E-mail:                       23A, Agiou Eustathiou Street,  
Website:                     2037 Strovolos – Nicosia,Cyprus
Date of Birth: 7th August 1972                          
Nationality: Greek Cypriot                                  

PERSONAL PROFILE: Communicative, socially-oriented and well-mannered personality with the ability to organise and respond to challenge. Hard-working, self-discipline individual, with high ratings in all categories of performance and behaviour, looking for a challenging place in order to contribute my work experience and skills.


1998 – 2002                      University of Nicosia / Indianapolis

BSc of Arts in Liberal Arts in Psychology / Sociology

Skills Developed: Ability to use relevant psychology theories and manage projects effectively. The opportunity to work in groups helped me developed my team-working skills, to treat and listen to each individual with respect, to develop the ability to respond and contact people with friendly manner and to promote team spirit.
• Awarded certificate of extraordinary commitment and service to the College and on working in X-HELE Magazine.
• Awarded certificate on successfully completed a course in Automated Computer Aided Design (ACAD) and in Microsoft Windows.
• Awarded certificate on successfully completed a seminar on Sales Techniques and on Product Marketing.
• Successfully completed and presented the project “Gender and Crime” at the 2nd Psychology Annual Seminar “Psychology in Action”.
• Participated in a group experience with young adult offenders in the Nicosia Central Prison, Cyprus, under Prison Education Program.

1991 – 1993 Frederick Institute of Technology, Nicosia
Higher Diploma in Building Technology (Architecture)

1988 – 1989 Techniki Sxoli Makarios C’, Nicosia

• Completed a course in “Building Works and Constructions”
• Specialised in “Technical Building Works Assistance”.


2000 – Present Life Coach, Nicosia - Cyprus
• Worked as a Life Coach and had the opportunity to help people to solve problems concerning their mental health. Help couples improve their communication and guide them step by step to solve any problems that cause difficulties in their everyday life, concerning their marriage, relationships, family and children.

1998 - 2000 Staff Trainer, Nutrition Cosmetics Ltd, Nicosia - Cyprus

• I gained experience on providing sales and marketing support for nutrition cosmetics.
• Worked as part of various teams that designed project plans for the company.

1995 – 1998 District Secretary, P.O.V.E.K Union, Nicosia – Cyprus

1993 – 1997 Security Team, G4S, Nicosia - Cyprus

1991 – 1994 Sales Manager, Armatto Gifts Ltd, Nicosia - Cyprus

• I managed to create product brochures for marketing campaign.
• I had the opportunity to communicate with clients and develop my communication skills.

• Awarded a certificate of “1st Group Manager 2006” by the LAVRIS CLUB.
• Awarded a certificate of “1st Group Manager 2005” by the LAVRIS CLUB.
• Successfully completed the programme “Training of Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Specialists”, at the Institute of Continuing Education, becoming a Trainer at K.E.N.Θ.Ε.A – Drug Abuse Centre in 2004 – 2005.
• Awarded a certificate on presenting 15 sessions on “How to be a good Parent”, “Against Violence”. “Children and School”, “Family in the Recent Times”, in co ordinance with Pancyprian School for Parents, in 2003-2005.
• Successfully completed and presented the project “Music Therapy” at the Mental Health Day on 2003.
• Awarded a certificate in recognition of participation in a group therapy with children having psychological problems at the Social Service Office (Grafio Evimerias) on February 2003.
• Awarded a certificate in recognition of participation in a group therapy with young adult offenders at the Nicosia Central Prison in May 2002.
• Gaining the 1st place in the “Top Group Sponsoring” by the B.I.G Service in May 2000.
• Awarded the title of “District Director” by the S.P.Mouzakis Network on February 2000.
• I gained the title of “Top staff psychology trainer 1999”, awarder by the Ministry of Education.
• Awarded a certificate in recognition of participation in the “4th Psychological Congress of Cyprus”.
• Awarded a certificate in recognition of participating in the seminar “Prevention Medicine and Psychological Health” in co ordinance with the Ministry of Education.
• KRAV MAGA. Awarder a certificate LEVEL P1, Street Fighting and VIP Protection.
• I volunteered a number of times to help people of the many organisations. I have been awarded relevant certificates of appreciation for my participation in such events.


• Excellent knowledge of the Greek language and Good knowledge of the English language.
• Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office applications – Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook.


• I have been publishing articles at various newspapers and magazines.
• I cooperate with various T.V. Channels.
• I am giving lectures at various schools, kindergartens, companies and “School for Parents”.
• I am managing a Club named “AGGIGMA PSICHIS”.
• I am an instructor in “Psychodynamic Yoga”.
• I am offering workshops for couples, parents, self-confidence and sales management.
• I am the author and publisher of the book “SOULPRINTS” PART 1 (2008) and PART 2 (2011).
• I am the author and publisher of the book “THE DIARY OF AN IMAGINARY (MAD) MAN” (2012).
• I am a blood donor since 1989.
• I became active member and joined Greenpeace in 2000.